What up, I'm Valerie.
I'm the flyest pokemon that you'll ever meet. I specialize in themes and a little bit of graphics. My ask box is always open so send me a request for something, but please check my What I do list before asking. Thank you.
dangerouscliques-rpg-deactivate asked: Hi love, we are a new hollywood school roleplay. Do you mind giving us a shoutout?
greeksrp asked: Hi hello, love, may we please have a shoutout? We’re an OC rp revolving around the Greek system in East Coast Academy but with a really feisty twist, and every FC except Crystal Reed is open and I'm also on the hunt for a coadmin! I'd love to see some lovely apps, thanks so much!
Anonymous asked: when are you uploding your theme?

Soon? I’m working on the graphics for it now but it should be out in around 30 minutes?


unpopular-indierp asked: Uncommon personalities for Nina Dobrev along with name suggestions?

I’m not super good with these things but some personality traits would be:

  • The Total Geek
  • A girl who has a love for music(think of Mitchie from Camp Rock) 
  • A tomboy - or skater girl( I don’t know what to call it)
  • Super Preppy(not the same as bitchy)
  • Jenna
  • Jasmine
  • Audrianna
  • Destiny
  • Layla
  • Selena 
  • Danielle.
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Anonymous asked: What font did you use on your links

I honestly don’t remember. I think it’s striped 3D love.


My internet has been out for 2 days now but thank god its all fixed. Anyway I’ll be uploading the Chachi Gonzales FC and my theme soon so does anyone have some requests for me?


Anonymous asked: who is the fc pack for and when will it be done?

It’s for Chachi Gonzales and it should be done today. I just need to upload it but 4shared hasn’t been working for me - but I’ll try again in a minute.

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thecitythatbleedsblack-deactiva asked: Could we get a shout out please? We are a supernatural RP with a mafia twist. We have many FC's available and we welcome OC's. We are a small group so far but we are fairly active. Thank you very much in advance :)

No problemo love.

Hello Everyone, I’m finished with my theme and what not and I’m open for business again. Does anyone need or want my help? 


cracksrp asked: Hi, babe. Could we possibly get a shout out? We're a brand new OC roleplay. The plot was inspired by Pretty Little Liars, but we’ve put our own little twist to it. Thank you!